ISV November Summary of Business Report

The ISV committee met remotely on 23rd November 2021.


Actioned Items
  • Team Recognition – Team pins ordered to be sent out December. Pre-ordered team merchandise expected early December.
  • Team Participation Requirement – Communicated the participation requirement will remain the same at this time.
  • Calendar – Calendar Dates added to the ISV Website Calendar. Organising Committee’s have been sent ISV event checklist and overview of running an ISV calendared event.
  • Compliance required by schools – in discussion with relevant stakeholders to align sport safety and compliance across events.
Agenda Items Summary
  • Update EV Office staff member – Ashley Anderson and Tracey Button have resigned from the EV Office. Emily van Sonsbeek has returned 0.2 working from home. Thank you to Deena Peters for assisting with Interschools.
  • Eventing Interschool Leader board – Thank you to MITAVITE for sponsoring the 2022 Eventing Interschool Leader board. Sign up registration for the leader board has commenced. The Victorian team will be selected from the leaderboard results. Results will be updated and maintained after each Horse Trials event by Lynne Brown. Prizes to be presented at the Interschool Victorian Team Training day by HYGAIN.
  • Interschool Calendar 2022 – 2022 Event Calendar Dates have now been added to the Equestrian Interschool Victoria website.
  • ISV Show Horse Competition – Interschool ring run by ISV as part of the Equestrian Victoria Show Horse Summer Show on Sunday 16th January. Riders to enter online via
  • Participation requirement- discussed the need for riders to attend competitions for safety and support of interschool in general. Participation requirement to remain. Discussion on whether an extension period to the 27th of March will apply and a non-participation entry that has last priority (e.g. will be put on a wait list). Final approved process change for participation requirement will be communicated if required.
  • State Championships 2022- State Championships 2022- An Organising Committee has been formed and planning is on track. Schedule on track to be communicated within December. Discussion around a new style of novelties event to be run by the Sport Horse Association.
  • Interschool Event Compliance – Discussion around the correspondence received from member families and school in relation to risk and safety compliance at Interschool Events. ISV to investigate the matter further reviewing best practice, sport governance body policies and government legislation to determine an unified standard of safety and risk management documents for Equestrian Interschool Victoria Events.
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