Phase 1 – One Round Table A

Article 238.2.1

Athletes with equality of penalties are placed in accordance to the time taken to complete the round. In the event of equality of penalties and time for first place, there may be a jump-off over a shortened course which may be increased in height and/or spread.

Please note: a jump off for Article 238.2.1 is only if both faults and time are exactly the same. A jump-off in this class is extremely rare.


Phase 2 – Two-Phase

Article 274.5.3

This class comprises two phases of the course run without interruption. Each phase can be run at an identical or different speed. The finishing line for the first phase is identical as the starting line for the second phase.

The first phase is a course of 7 to 9 obstacles with or without combinations (Table A not against the clock). Athletes should aim to go clear under the maximum time allowed. Athletes penalised in the first phase are not able to continue to the second phase. In cases where a rider has received faults or when the time allowed for the first phase has been exceeded, the judge will ring the bell to halt the athlete after they have crossed the finish line for the first phase. If the bell is rung, the athlete must stop after crossing the finishing line.

Athletes who go clear and under in the first phase immediately proceed to the second phase uninterrupted. The second phase takes place over 4 to 6 obstacles, which may include one combination (Table A against the clock). Athletes should aim to go clear and in the safest fastest time possible.

Placing for the class is according to the penalties and time in the second phase and, if necessary, to the penalties and time in the first phase. Athletes stopped after the first phase may only be placed after athletes who have taken part in both phases.

In the event of equality for first place, the tied athletes will be placed equal first.


Phase 3 – AM5

Article 238.2.2

This is a competition not against the clock, but in the event of equality of penalties for first place, there will be one jump-off against the clock. Athletes not part of a jump off are placed according to their penalties and time in the first round.

All riders who jump clear in the first round will be invited back to compete in the jump off at a raised height (approx. 5cm).