Nan McArthur Award

This prestigious prize is awarded to the individual rider who gains the most points throughout the Equestrian Victoria week long interschool event held each year. There is also a teams component. Past winners of both the individual and team awards are listed below.

The Nan McArthur award is to honour the best all round rider and to encourage young riders to try many aspects of riding. The lucky winner has his/her name inscribed on the Perpetual Trophy and receives an inscribed plaque to keep. Below is a selection of photos of past winners of the Nan McArthur award. Click on an image to see a larger view.

About Nan McArthur

Nan McArthur was a keen equestrienne who rode in the mid 1900’s. Horses were always an integral part of her life, she was even driven to school in a buggy! She competed at many horse events and would go from Hacking Classes to Hunting Classes (a precursor to modern Show Jumping) and then onto Games. She won Champion Hunter and Champion Pony at Melbourne Royal for several years. She also hunted with Findon Harriers and the Yarra Glen and Lilydale Hounds.

Nan had a particular love of Clydesdales as her Father, Abraham Kellet, used to breed them and used them for carting for Fosters, delivering their beer to pubs around Melbourne. In her later years she raced horses and her particular passion was steeple chasing. She never missed a Melbourne or Sydney Royal and attended them both right up to the end of her life. She valued the pleasure horses gave to their riders and owners and the wonderful friendships made and times had at equestrian events and competitions. The Nan McArthur award is given to value and celebrate that spirit.

Past Winners (individual)

  • 2019 Primary – Rosemary Heagney, Secondary – Isabelle Luxmoore
  • 2018 Primary – Joint Winners Katya Bathurst and Ava Braniff, Secondary – Indi Officer
  • 2017 Primary – Olivia Gillespie, Secondary – Elizabeth Brand
  • 2016 Amy Bachmann and Harry Luxmoore
  • 2015 Primary Joint winners Indi Officer and Cohen Wade, Secondary Edwina Lumsden
  • 2014 Primary Abbey Martin, Secondary Claudia Lowles
  • 2013 Primary – Georgia May, Secondary – Taylor Desmet
  • 2012 Edwina Lumsden
  • 2011 Emily Van Sonsbeek
  • 2010 Emily Van Sonsbeek
  • 2009 Abby Heffer
  • 2008 Natasha Moody
  • 2007 Morgan Duell
  • 2006 Mille Grimshaw
  • 2005 Elsie O’Neill
  • 2004 Pip Rounds
  • 2003 Laura Fenton
  • 2002 Sarah Miatt
  • 2001 Penny Barnard-Brown
  • 2000 Sarah O’Connor

Past Winners (Teams)

Note: we are aware of how difficult it has been for schools to put together their teams so we have decided to make it easy. From 2015 each school will have only one team regardless of the number of riders, the top four individual rider’s scores are considered for the school aggregate score. If a rider has more than one horse, then each is treated as a separate combination for point scoring and only the highest score for the rider will count. The rider/horse combination’s best four scores count for individual and school team awards.

  • 2019 Toorak College
  • 2018 Kardinia International College
  • 2017 Toorak College and Kardinia International College
  • 2016 Braemar College
  • 2014 Christian College Geelong
  • 2013 Christian College Geelong
  • 2012 Christian College Geelong
  • 2011 Mortlake College/Noorat Primary School (composite team)
  • 2010 Yarra Valley Grammar School
  • 2009 Mortlake College
  • 2008 Mortlake College
  • 2007 N/A
  • 2006 Toorak College
  • 2005 Christian College Geelong
  • 2004 Plenty Valley Christian School
  • 2003 St Margaret’s School & Bairnsdale Secondary College (joint champions)
  • 2002 Tintern Girls Grammar
  • 2001 Plenty Valley Christian School
  • 2000 Tintern Girls Grammar