Competitor Entry Information

Participation to Enter State Championships

The 2021 Victorian Interschool State Championships require that rider/horse combinations have participated at an Interschool event since the 9th April 2019 up to and including 28th February 2021.

If a combination is using an Eventing competition as evidence of participation the competition must have been held between 1st December 2020 up to and including 28th February 2021.

The event must: have been on the Interschool calendar, events in 2019, Elmore or Scots College, Stratford Interschool events or Interschool classes at Victorian Youth Dressage Championships (Jan 2020).

Competing at the State or Australian Interschool championships in 2019 is not included.

Riders that enter without having competed at an Interschool event will have their entries returned less $25 administration fee. Please do not enter if you are not eligible to compete.

Membership Level Required to Enter 

To be able to participate in State and National Interschool Championships, athletes must be current, “COMPETITIVE” members of their State Branch of EA. (Participant Members are not eligible to compete.) Riders holding current EV memberships should enter their current membership number at time of entry.

Without a current EV Competitive Membership riders will not be allowed to compete.

Refund and Scratchings Policy

Refunds for scratching prior to the close of entries: Withdrawal of entries prior to the close of entries will have a refund of entry fees less a $25 administration fee.

Refunds for scratching after the close of entries: There will be no refund of entry fees after close of entry, a substitution can only be made within 3 weeks of close of entry subject to the substituted horse /rider being qualified to compete.

Facility fees will be refunded on production of a veterinary or medical certificate (certificates must be received by 5pm Friday 16th April 2021. Requests for refunds of camping and stabling costs will be at their discretion of the Organising Committee.

Refunds for scratching after the commencement of the event: There will be no refund of any event fees after the commencement of the event.

Scratchings will only be accepted in writing to