• The Home of Equestrian Interschool Victoria

  • The Home of Equestrian Interschool Victoria

The Equestrian Interschool Victoria (ISV) website and handbook aim to facilitate access and understanding for all families wishing to participate in Interschool competitions and training

Together Equestrian Victoria and the enthusiastic and committed group of riders, families, organisers and volunteers hope to improve and broaden the Interschool Equestrian experience, building upon and developing the strong Interschool cohort and the skills of junior riders in Victoria.

ISV maintains a central calendar and offers support to organisers and schools in the planning and running of events across Victoria.

Acknowledging the global COVID 19 pandemic, please use the link below to access resources to support the running of events in 2020 and beyond. The link below will take you to the Equestrian Victoria website.



Organisational Partners

We would like to thank our organisational partners School Sport Victoria and the Victorian State Government for their generous support of Equestrian Interschool Competition.


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Well done to Lisa and her team of helpers, as well as the organising committee. The Senior State championships went off very smoothly with a great atmosphere, good sportsmanship and riders ... Read more →
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