Rules, Regulations & Policies


ISV Handbook & EA Rules
The ISV handbook aims to facilitate access and understanding for all families wishing to participate in Interschool competitions and training.


General Rules & Regulations
General ISV rules and regulations for all participants of Interschool competitions. GO TO GENERAL RULES
Overview of Insurance available through Equestrian Victoria membership. READ MORE ABOUT INSURANCE
National Qualification Information
Details of the pathways through which riders can qualify to represent Victoria at the National Championships. READ MORE 
Equestrian Australia Policies
Complete list of Equestrian Australia Policies can be found on the EA website. VIEW THE POLICIES
National Discipline Rules
National Discipline Rules can be found on the Equestrian Australia website. READ MORE 
Equestrian Australia Child Safety
Equestrian Australia Child Safety Policy – December 2021.


Equestrian Victoria Child Safety
New Victorian Child Safe Standards have come into effect to better protect children and young people from abuse from 1 July 2022. READ MORE