Rules, Regulations & Policies

Equestrian Interschool Handbook November 2020    The links include the ISV Handbook, rules, regulations and policies applicable to Interschool competitors.

General Rules and Conditions for Interschool Competitors:

Interschool has grown to be a very large cohort in Victoria. The rules and standards have developed along the way. The ISV committee is always happy to answer queries and to consider ideas for improvement. Please remember nearly all competitions are run by a group of volunteers. Riders need these competitions to continue to improve and develop as both sportspeople and individuals, whilst the competitions function to maintain Victoria’s stronghold as a leading State for Equestrian Interschool Competition.

Interschool events are competitions open to all currently enrolled primary and secondary school students. All riders must be enrolled at the school they are representing and MUST be accompanied by an adult. Entries from Distance Education students will be accepted if they are EV Members and they are studying at primary or secondary school level. ‘Schools’ include TAFE where a student under the age of 19 years of age is enrolled in full-time study, but does not include part-time TAFE, University or other technical colleges.

Primary Competition is restricted to athletes enrolled up to and including Year/Grade 6 in the year of competition. 

Secondary Competition is broken into two sections:

  • Intermediate division is defined as those athletes enrolled in Years 7, 8 and 9 in the year of competition.
  • Senior division is defined as those athletes enrolled in Years 10, 11 and 12 in the year of competition.

Schools, fielding a Team, should nominate a Team Manager who will be responsible for riders’ gear checks. The use of inappropriate gear or inappropriate behaviour may result in elimination.  

Please refer to the ISV Handbook for further information about:


  • Rules (Including Heat Policy and Swabbing)
  • Interschool Competitions
  • Uniform
  • First-time competitors’ Guide
  • Guidelines for organisers hosting Interschool Competitions


Equestrian Australia Insurance, through Equestrian Victoria, is preferable. This insures the rider 24 hours a day, not just at competitions. It includes personal and public liability. Any competitions (including the EV State Championships) run by Equestrian Victoria require this insurance cover. Interschool competitions hosted by schools and other groups require insurance for riders competing but may accept PCV, HRCAV or school sport insurance. “School insurance” requires the organisers to receive a Certificate of Currency from the competitor’s school prior to the event, for both personal and public liability.

Equestrian Australia oversees all memberships which are administered in each state. Equestrian Victoria offers membership for individuals and affiliated organisations. This is required for events to be included on the ISV calendar.

Membership may be taken out through the EV website which also offers a breakdown of membership levies.

Types of Equestrian Victoria Membership:


  1. Competitor
  2. Participant
  3. Supporter


  1. Clubs
  2. Sport Affiliate
  3. Commercial

Become a member here.

Insurance for Participants:

Participants in Equestrian Victoria Interschool events are covered under their membership with Equestrian Victoria. Equestrian Victoria Membership provides cover under the following policies:

  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability

The summary of cover, provides information about the policy limits as well as an outline of the claims process and frequently asked questions. Link to cover summary.

Insurance for Schools and Groups organising Interschool Activities

All events, including Interschool Events, which are affiliated to Equestrian Victoira are required to hold insurance. This can be provided through takin out the EA Club Insurance or by demonstrating that adequate alternate insurance policies are in place. Many schools will hold their own policies which provide these covers and as such they will rely on these policies to cover the Interschool Activities.

If schools who are organising Interschool Activities are not able to confirm cover through their school’s insurance program, they can take cover through the EA Club Insurance Program.

The EA Club Insurance provides the following insurance policies:

  • Personal Accident Insurance for Voluntary Workers
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability

The summary of cover provides information about the policy limits as well as an outline of the claims process and frequently asked questions.


Handbooks and EA Rules and Regulations:

Equestrian Interschool Handbook November 2020

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