The running of equestrian events relies heavily on volunteers. Some hosting schools and organisers will run the competitions but many will require assistance. The option of paying a fee to exempt families from volunteer roles may be offered. Systems such as Sign Up may be used. It is important that families assist to enable the competitions to be run. You can also learn lots and make useful connections and friendships. Failure to undertake volunteer allocated tasks may result in elimination of riders.

The EV Interschool Championships are a huge event and require hundreds of volunteers. Numerous parents and supporters contribute their time to the planning and organisation prior to the competition. If you have paid the volunteer fee, you do not need to respond to requests, otherwise every rider must have a person volunteer to complete a job. Volunteer assistance is crucial to the event running on schedule and it can provide a fantastic experience for the riders.

If you are unable to fulfil your duty at any competition you need to find a replacement and advise the organisers. If you don’t feel confident in the job you have been allocated, please tell the organisers promptly to enable a change.

If at any time extra help is needed, offers are much appreciated as the entry fees at Interschool competitions aim to be kept at affordable prices and this may rely heavily on assistance.

If you have skills or suggestions you wish to contribute to the smooth running and improvement of Interschool competitions, please contact Mary Anne Lowe, Chair of ISV.